Thursday, 26th November 2015

Nepal-China Relations

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Nepal and China seem to be moving in a firm way to further consolidate their age-old friendly ties and mutual cooperation on various sectors. China is always willing to provide any kind of support for Nepal’s development and these two countries have made tremendous progress in the bilateral relationship. The visiting member of Chinese State Council Cai Moingzhao reiterated China’s policy towards Nepal and said that China highly values the friendly relationship with Nepal which has existed from time immemorial. According to State Councilor Cai, his country was willing to do everything possible to make the bilateral relationship with Nepal more meaningful  so that the people of both the countries will benefit. These views have been well appreciated by the Nepali officials, leaders and the people. In fact, Nepal and China have always demonstrated a genuine spirit of goodwill and good neighborliness and worked closely for their mutual interests. It is true that China has always been playing the role of a good neighbor and accordingly contributed to Nepal’s social and economic development. Similarly, Nepal is also a well-wisher of China and shares common views on various issues in the international arena. In other words, Nepal and China are partners in various sectors and friends in need. Ever since the relations between these two ancient neighbours were established, these two countries have always enjoyed perfectly good and cooperative relation and they have no problem at all. In other words, Nepal-China relations are exemplary which could serve as the model of bilateral relationship for other countries. In the area of development, China has provided meaningful support. There are several projects that have already been constructed under Chinese assistance and several others are in the pipeline.

Nepal-China relations are based on five principles of peaceful co-existence and international laws. Despite change of governments in both the countries, China’s policy to Nepal has remained unchanged. China respects Nepal’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity. As a global power and world’s second largest economy, China has been providing generous support to Nepal without any strings attached and is willing to help further for Nepal’s development in the days ahead. China wants Nepal to take maximum benefit from its prosperity. Beijing’s good intention for Nepal’s peace, stability and prosperity was well reflected during State Councilor Cai’s visit, which will have a long-term impact on Nepal-China relations as well as Nepal’s peace, stability and prosperity. China is particularly interested to bring more investment to Nepal’s hydropower sector so that Nepal would not only get rid of its long hours of power cuts but also can boost its economy by the export of surplus energy. As China wants to be a really good development partner, Nepal needs to pay due attention to China’s concerns which would be mutually beneficial for both the countries.


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